"Quality is life"

M Oil established the facility of Lubricants and anti-freeze production with the sufficient equipment and technology at Atatürk Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Çiğli / İzmir in 2000.

100% of Turkish Production

Since the very first of our establishment, Moil is continuing its non-stop production under the International System Quality Documents with the young, experienced and dynamic staff while successfully answering national and international demands.

The Factory of Lubricants consists of Head Office of Factory, Quality, Quality Control Laboratory, R&D Laboratory, Analysis of Used Oil Laboratory, Supply – Production – Production and Distribution, Accounting Division;

100% Turkish
Established in

Since very first day of our establishment, Moil Production Facility of Lubricants has taken and continued the principal of quality product and quality service by purchasing raw materials only from Tüpraş and Petkim, working with TSE / Turkish Institute of Standards who has national and international prestige in the cases of coherence of standards, documentation of quality systems, laboratory services. Moil completed its responsibility of TSE compliance documents about many of our products before EPDK’s related notification of standards and will maintain documentation processes of compliance for the upcoming products of ours in the future.