M Oil, “Your Home on Roads”, while we have been serving to our clients, we didn’t forget our pet friends as well as pets on streets; therefore, we started to the project of Pet Friendly Stations.

We succeed in to attach our love to our beloved pet friends with a cautious approach and become a home for them as well. Everything has been thought carefully for our beloved friends at Pet Friendly Stations. While you get your fuel and do your shopping, you can entrust your friends with us. Our adorable animals can spend some time and have fun in their own specified area.

At Pet Friendly Stations of Ours;

Cat Houses and playgrounds
for cats
Cottages for dogs
A garden for your pets
Dog washing area
Food and water containers
Food and water containers

All these services are completely open and free for every friend of ours.
We wait you and your pets to our Pet Friendly Stations.

This project of ours, which we started due to our sensitivity for animal rights and in order to impose it to the next generations, is intensely interested by not only our beloved friends, but also our customers.

At M Oil, we are also not restricting ourselves limited. We intend to exceed our project to every single station of ours. This project of ours has already started in 7 regions, 23 cities and 30 stations.

We wait you and your pets to our Pet Friendly Stations.